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Traditional Sweets Made Exotic

You will have to start the process by greasing the baking pans. The number of baking pans you will grease will depend on the number of layers you want your cake to possess. Usually these cakes have four layers. To make a four layer cake, you will have to use either two pans or four pans. If you take two pans, you will need to cut each layer you get into two halves to make the four-layer cake.

Beat sugar, water and egg yolks briskly until the entire sugar gets dissolved and you get a light, fluffy mix. Sift all the dry ingredients into the wet mixture you just prepared; don’t forget to stir the mixture lightly while sifting to ensure no lumps are formed.

Now, you will need to beat the egg whites until stiff. Add it into the mixture of dry and wet ingredients and stir well. Bake the mixture at 180 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes. After 15 minutes you can check whether the cake is ready be means of a knife test. If it’s not done, bake it for five more minutes. Allow the cake to cool down completely before you divide the layers into two.

Now, we will teach you how to prepare the filling. In a bowl, take the sugar and butter and beat them well until you get a creamy, fluffy mixture. Now, make thick custard using the custard powder and milk. Allow the custard to cool down. Once the custard reaches room temperature, add the sugar and butter mixture to it and whisk well. Place the resulting creamy mix into the freezer so that it cools down completely. You can now arrange the four-layered cake and serve.