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Out of a Wine Tour

Hold the glass well

Experts often advise people intending to be a part of wine tours to hold the glass well before they taste it. When they serve you freshly prepared wine, it is likely to be in the room temperature, and it would taste best as when aerated well. Holding the glass at the stem and swirling it would aerate it well. Holding it at the base would transfer heat from the hand which may not give you the right flavour.

Wear cool clothes

As you are likely to stay outdoors most of the time visiting the vineyard and checking on the grapes that are to move in for wine production, it is best advised for you to wear breezy clothes that aren’t dark coloured. This would allow you to manage to stay outdoors for long. Even if you are addicted to using deodorants and perfumes, ensure that it isn’t strong on the nose as you may not be able to taste the wine with the fragrance overpowering your sense of taste.

Purchase moderately

If you intend to take home a few bottles of the wine that you have just tasted, you could consider making moderate purchases. Keep in mind the process in which you would be taking the bottles along with you in a way not to break them while on your way. If you have visited a different country and are a part of the tours, you could ask the authorities to deliver them to your address and ensure that it would reach you safely when you get back home.