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Dry Fruits

The name that comes first to our mind when it comes to popular dry fruits used for making sweets is that of dates. Dates are perfect fruits for the real sweet-tooths. Candies made using condensed milk, dates, clarified butter, and sugar, are extremely popular in South Asian countries. The past few decades have seen sweets of these types becoming popular even in western countries. This has happened as Asian population in western countries has kept on increasing during these years.

Another popular item of this kind used for making sweet dishes is plum. Dried plums are not very sweets, but have great flavor. They combine well with items like molasses and condensed milk. Combining these ingredients of course results in creation of some amazingly tasty desserts. Other common ingredients used for making desserts with plums include sugar, dried mango, resins etc.

The next kind we will be discussing about is nuts. A wide range of nuts and nutty flavors are used for preparing deserts. They are used both for preparing western deserts and eastern desserts. The most common varieties of nuts used for this purpose include cashews, walnuts, pistachios and peanuts.

In South Asian nations, a common dessert type made using nuts is called barfis. Other than using basic ingredients like clarified butter, milk, condensed milk and sugar, confectioners also often use flavoring agents of different types for making barfis. The most common flavoring agents they use for this purpose are rose-water, and saffron. Some confectioners also keep on experimenting with western flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, etc.