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Bottle Service

You can enjoy the evening even more with your own private table and place. Dance the night away and mingle without others bumping into you. In addition, you can also sit comfortably. With your own table, it is easier to make new friends and ask them to have fun with you. Though table service may be absolutely more expensive, it is a faster way to get noticed by everyone else in the club, and get the best views of the live performances, including DJs.

You have your own bussers, waitresses and security to serve you and those with tables. Table services include full services. For this reason, there is no need to go to the bar to mix your own drinks. A very attractive waitress will be at your service for the rest of the night. Security personnel will see to it that no unwanted individuals will go close to your table area, while bussers will be available to provide services so you can have a worthwhile experience.

  • When you spend more on bottle service, you will get a better table location. The tables closest to the dance floor, live performers and DJs are more expensive than those located on the second floor or in a second room.
  • For sure you will go beyond your expected minimum expenditure by 1-1/2 times. As the night continues and you start drinking, the alcohol can be finished in a jiffy. You also meet new acquaintances with whom you can share drinks.
  • Inform your waitress that you, alone, will be in control of ordering. In this way, the whole group will not just order and increase the bill.
  • Make sure to request for bottle service specials, which are available during week nights. Remember that giving tips to hosts and others that provide services can entitle you to get better deals and arrangements.
  • Bigger clubs do not necessarily mean they are better. You can have fun at smaller clubs as well.
  • Do not wait until it is too late to reserve for bottle service. Tables are always in demand. Waiting too long could leave you with sold out venues.